Clepy July 11, 2011 Summary

After a long hiatus from Clepy I'm back. I had a great time at the last meeting and I'm going to make a sincere effort to make it each month.

No official talks were scheduled so we resorted to the old standby of asking for lightning talks. Lightning talk nights are great because there's always a wide variety of content. The group gets so engage in the topic and inline discussions that the talks will last for upwards of 20 minutes instead of the standard 5. That's an observation not a complaint.

Eric Faehnrich teed up some great discussions with a closure talk. The coolest thing I learned during the talk was that Eric learned Python so that he could experiment with closures. Very awesome!

Jeff Armstrong gave us a preview of his upcoming PyOhio 2011 talk. He got Python working on the FreeMiNT operating system which is a UNIX-like environment for ancient Atari hardware. It got me thinking about hacking CPython again...we'll see if time permits...

Beyond those two great talks we talked about a wide range of topics. I talked about my use of closures in snake-guice. Mike Nugent drove some conversation with his Django questions. On the way out Dale Smith was explaining the Emacs operating sys^H^H^H editor. He may be talking about it next month.

Summary: looking forward to the next meeting.

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