I Attended The First TurboGears Sprint

This past Saturday Mike Pirnat and I drove out to the first TurboGears sprint in Ann Arbor. The trip took a few hours, but our discussions kept it interesting. As we expected we arrived about a half hour late. Basically Kevin Dangoor (the creator of TurboGears) had created a set of tickets to be worked on during the sprint. A ticket is roughly the equivalent of a small project or task. The group separated into pairs and each picked a ticket to work on. Mike and I got there after the others had separated into pairs so we got paired together. We were tasked with adding Javascript animation capabilities into MochiKit. We looked at Scriptaculous and Dojo as examples of what to add and decided on integrating Scriptaculous into MochiKit. It was a bit of a challenge because neither one of us had any experience with any of those projects. Unfortunately we were not able to switch partners or tasks. By the time everyone got setup and really got rolling the sprint was over. There wasn't a ton of code produced, but the community was being built. I fully expect subsequent sprints to be very productive. It was definitely a worthwhile road trip. Hopefully I will be able to get to the next sprint. The word out on the street is that it will probably stretch out over a couple of days. So I'd probably get a hotel room and bring the wife and kids. If a remote sprint ever happens I'll be there for sure. Other opinions on the sprint:
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