A New Perspective On TurboGears Identity

When I read Jeff Watkin's post on identity management for turbogears all the pieces of identity finally clicked. I had some ideas that I sent to the TurboGears mailing list, but I didn't fully understand identity so I could not see where my ideas fit in. Now I have a much better idea. I spent a little time this morning creating a patch to better illustrate my thoughts. It is incomplete, but in my opinion a valuable step forward. But then again everyone thinks their ideas are great :-) The patch is against revision 100. Basically the patch tries to decouple the default behavior from the framework. I pulled it into a default module. Eventually I will post more details on the side effects of my changes, but I hope they will be brought up on the TurboGears mailing list. When the patch is applied only the dev.cfg changed from what Jeff had in his post. In my dev.cfg my identity entries look like:
identity.on = True identity.filters = ["turbogears.identity.filter.IdentityFilter"] identity.failure_url = "/login"
Thanks to Jeff for all the work he has put into this. I am really exited about this particular subsystem. This is essential to almost every application that I create.
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