Feedback on "Python Can Survive In The Enterprise"

All of the feedback from PyCon 2006 is now available. I was rather surprised to see our presentation, Python Can Survive In The Enterprise, near the top of the favorites list. This is definitely encouraging. Someone did have some negative feedback about us. The basic issue was the fact that we couldn't go into detail:
The talk by AG Interactive, Python in the Enterprise was embarassingly bad. Essentially, they said "Python is great. We used python, but we can't tell you anything else because it's proprietary."
While this is entirely true, it was not our intent to show how to build an enterprise system. We simply wanted to show the fact that it can be done. We do intend to present more detailed topics next year. The key is for us to find something that is not a competitive advantage and that the community would fine useful or interesting. I am still getting positive feedback from our presentation in my email. Google is also yielding some blog entries when searching for the title:
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