Clepy Finally Sprints

We finally did it! This past Saturday we actually sprinted. Our goal is to build an open source equivalent of -- affectionately known as Shindig. This software is a replacement for the overly complicated Plone instance I have running Even though we didn't a whole lot of progress we learned some useful lessons. We had some minor technical difficulties like not everyone having a working wireless connection. Those issues are easy to overcome. The lessons I took to heart were more about timeliness and preparation. I was guilty of being an hour late and many people didn't have the necessary stuff installed. No big deal, we'll get better. All in all I had fun. Drinking beer and writing code with my peers. The miscellaneous conversations about technology didn't hurt. We'll talk more about the sprint at the next meeting, but I think we'll keep having them. It seems that the best time will be the first or second Saturday after each meeting. Also it seems that starting a little later may be a good idea.
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