Google Tech Talk @ Clepy

The August 6th Clepy meeting will be a good one. We have Brian Fitzpatrick, the Engineering Manager of Google's Chicago office, presenting. The meeting as at AG between 18:30 and 20:30. Please let us know if you plan an attending. Posting a comment here would be fine. We just need to be sure that there will be enough food. There will be swag in limited quantities. Possible presentation topics:
  • "How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People (And You Can Too)"
  • "Subversion for Perforce Users: Out of the Fire and into the Frying Pan"
  • "The Google OSPO, Google Code, and Packrat"
  • "Apache Lightning Talks"
  • "Version Control with Subversion and Tools Best Practices"
  • "cvs2svn: Making Apples from Applesauce"
  • "Apache: When the Code Isn't Enough"
Hope to see you there!
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