My ToscaWidgets Experience

When I first heard about ToscaWidgets I was excited to say the least. Through the grape vine I heard that it was a new implementation of widgets based on the existing TurboGears widgets. I was immediately drawn to it. I was hoping that it would fix some of the quirks of TG widgets. Unfortunately I wasted quite a few hours and now I still have to roll back to the old TG widgets. Tosca may be well designed. It may be better, smarter and faster that TG widgets, but much like counting the licks on a Tootsie pop-the world may never know. I blame a lack of real documentation and a lack of examples. I could not find one real example on using forms with TurboGears. Since I have too many projects on my plate right now I cannot commit to writing a new widget system. I do think it is really needed. Hell...maybe I'll put in a sleepless night or two to get it done. Either way, I want something with less configuration options and less features. I want dirt simple. Do your experiences differ?
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