CodeMash 2008

CodeMashCodeMash is back by popular demand! If you weren't there last year you missed you on a lot. The deadline for talk submissions is October 15th. I am going to submit a proposal once I decide on a topic. Having two talks last year made enjoying the con more difficult. This year I'm only submit one. Finding a good topic is challenging. It should appeal to the mix of Java, .Net and other languages at this con. What topics interest you? Possible topics:
  • Text-based IDE - how I use Vim + some plugins to edit everything - do you really need Visual Studio and/or Eclipse? (most general)
  • Rolling your own web framework with Python & WSGI - understanding the glue that binds Python webapps together (may appeal to the general web community)
  • Design patterns the Python way (my preferred)
  • Some other random topic?
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