The Mac Attack

Unfortunately this guy didn't know that you can't dis the Mac and get away with it. It is positively a bad idea to say that it is not right for you! He basically bought it and didn't like it. There was a small idiot war in the comments. Here are some samples:
Response from: Frank I think Mac users are just dumb. They weren't smart enough to keep their PCs secure, so they had to switch. Anyone with half a brain can install some basic Windows security software and run without a problem.
Response from: Jefe I've been a Mac user and lover for many, many years. But man, when I read comments like those here (and lots of other places), I sure hate Mac people.
Response from: Louis Wheeler Why is it that people write inflammatory headlines and then expect not to get flamed? I'm sure there are ways that you could say this without insulting the preferences of Mac users. How about? "I'm a stupid person, therefore I dislike Macs." I'm sure you would get a chorus of agreement.
Response from: [email protected] I won't use the 'F' word, but I will call you stupid. I'm using a Mac trackpad now and right click is done as simply as putting two fingers on the pad and clicking. How do you get by with such ignorance?
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