PyOhio 2010 Plans

PyOhio is this weekend! If you are thinking about going you should stop thinking and register. You'll have a good time. I've been asked several times over the last few days about what to expect and if it is worth going. It's definitely worth your time. You can't beat a free, high quality conference. (You may need to to pay ~$100 or so for a hotel and spring for some food if you are too far away to drive.) What to expect is a bit harder to answer. Much like peace or love everyone experiences conferences in their own way. If you are mostly into sessions then you'll enjoy our two tracks of talks. If you are a Python newbie we have a track for beginners. If you want to participate in active discussions you can attend an open space or run one of your own. Want to code? There are a few sprints scheduled for Saturday evening and I believe the few days following the conference. I'm going to try to do more open spaces/socializing this year. There are a few talks I'd like to attend, but I don't think that's how I'll be most productive. The From Python Import Podcast crew will be around on Saturday and we plan on doing some interviews. That should be a lot of fun. If you see me walking around please stop me and introduce yourself. I'm very interested in hearing about the cool things you are doing in Python. I'll see you in a few days.
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